The universe always delivers

I woke up to fog this morning. And after my initial disappointment because I love to watch the sun come out in the morning, I realized it was a great way of the universe saying ‘there is more out there than you can see right now. You know it’s there and you need to trust you will see it when it’s time.’

And of course the sun cleared up the fog in the next 30 minutes and I was able to see the view I was expecting.

Sometimes you are too focused on something to see the amazing things that are there.
Yesterday evening I went for a walk with my husband and we were admiring two swans that were relaxing in a field. We were enjoying the sight and felt grateful.

However, we almost missed the two deers I had manifested seeing, earlier today.
In the afternoon I visualized seeing them on a walk with a client and I hadn’t thought of that until we turned around from the swans to see two deers watching us on the other side of the path. Our focus on the swans almost let us to miss out on the deers, while I should have expected them to be there.

And I felt grateful that I got to see them, even just for 10 seconds because they ran back into the forest as they noticed we saw them to.

The universe always delivers.

All you need to do is trust that everything always works out perfectly for you.