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My favourites

I love to continually expand my knowledge about, well basically everything ;-). Human Design is one of those areas and I always choose to be trained by professionals. Karen Curry Parker has written over 20 books on Human Design and has worked with Human Design for over 20 years. Her professional trainings are incredibly valuable and complete. Via the link above you will be referred to her website so you can learn more about possibilities to get certified as a trained professional (this is intended for coaches and therapists who want to use Human Design for their clients). 

If you like to learn more about the basics of Human Design, you can also choose to join Karen’s membership program. For less than a dollar a day you will learn so much about your own profile through masterclasses, monthly courses, and a community of likeminded people.

If you are only interested in receiving your own profile, you can request your Human Design chart  for free via my contact form.

As I mentioned before, I love to continually expand my knowledge about, well basically everything 😉
Although I still love to hold a paperback in my hands, I also want to use less paper. Therefore I mainly switched to reading e-books and listening to audiobooks. 
Reading 10-15 books a month can be costly so I love my Scribd membership, where I can read and listen to unlimited books for less than $ 10,- per month.

Would you like to try Scribd for FREE for 60 days? 
Use the link above, create your own account, and start one of the millions of books you’ll have instant access to. And if you’re not completely satisfied with Scribd, you can easily cancel, no strings attached.

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A reliable VPN is indispensable if you often travel and use public WIFI connections. A VPN is also very helpful if you want to watch content that is restricted to certain areas (eg on Netflix). When you click on the link above you will receive a 81% discount on a VPN subscription and you will receive a bonus of 30 days free.