If you have ever been rejected by someone, 
you know how much hurt you feel, 
how you feel not good enough, 
not worthy enough, 
maybe even not pretty enough 
or smart enough 
depending on the situation.

Well rejection doesn’t say anything about YOU as a person.

Rejection only means that two people have different needs and expectations. 
It doesn’t make the person who rejects someone a bad person, inconsiderate or selfish 
and it certainly doesn’t make the rejected person a victim of the circumstances, 
or really not worthy enough.

There are only different needs between two people 
and those people can’t give each other what they need. 

And that means you get to have your needs met by another person, 
that person being YOU. 

For example, if you feel rejected by a loved one, 
you get to GIVE YOURSELF the LOVE you so much desire 
instead of looking for it outside of you. 
You love yourself so deeply, 
fully and 
that you don’t need anyone outside of yourself to fill up that hole inside of you. 
You fill it completely with you own self-love. 

The amazing thing is, 
the universe will have no other possibility than to 
You will be a perfect match for the love you so much desired. 

Your outer world will always reflect your inner world.