12.5 years anniversary

12,5 years

Today I celebrate the copper anniversary of my practice.
Gosh, I can still remember how enthusiastic and buzzing with energy I felt when I walked out of the Chamber of Commerce on March 16, 2010 with a pile of papers that officially made me an independent entrepreneur.
How quickly those 12.5 years have gone by and at the same time, what growth and changes the practice and I have experienced in recent years.
Feels like a good time to look back at all the special moments and to be aware of this enormous growth.
* From a start as a naturopathic practice to the transition to a coaching practice as of January 1, 2019.
* From working in and on my practice 2 days a week in addition to a job, to working full-time as an independent entrepreneur since January 2018.
* Receiving my first clients feeling a bit unsure, to knowing what I have to offer my clients with full confidence and experience.
* From ‘meeting all the rules of the health insurers’ to be taken seriously as a therapist and to be (partially) reimbursed, to the freedom of working with people who are willing to invest in themselves and discover that this investment in money for most people also equates to an investment of time and energy which makes the results so much greater.
* As the first in Limburg (and third in the Netherlands) I worked with a Quantum response body scan, without being able to really explain how it worked, but I just knew that it was a unique tool to give people insight into the patterns and energetic imbalances that create and maintain their complaints, while now science has caught up and can finally ‘prove’ how it works and there are now many comparable systems on the market and used by colleagues.
* From having no idea how creating a website and marketing works, to building and maintaining my own website (and enjoying it too), because I always thought ‘everything is figuroutable’ and one learns by doing.
* From being super proud of my first diploma to now having a whole drawer full of diplomas and certificates and I don’t even think these papers are that important anymore.
After all, knowledge is only valuable when you apply it and the endless supply of books I’m reading every year keeps adding to this infinite cycle of collecting knowledge and then applying it in my life.
* How for more than a year, I combined a job of 24 hours a week with 2 days of working in my practice and a bachelor’s degree in basic medical knowledge and renovating an entire house with my own hands. 
A period that taught me that anything is possible when you have the right mindset and live in alignment.
What a special time to look back on (and secretly be a little proud of 🥰)
I would therefore like to thank all my (former) clients for their trust and willingness to invest in themselves in recent years and I will continue to keep growing and leading the way in the coming years to be of service to you 💕
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