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Keith Halverson (google review)

Rianne has a gift! Human Design can seem overwhelming to almost anyone and, since this was my first reading, I was looking for someone who could piece together these complexities with wisdom, understanding and compassion. Rianne did not disappoint! During our Zoom call together she was able to confirm aspects of my life that needed reconfirmation and also point out parts of my life that I had either not considered or was hesitant to confront. If you are even casually interested in exploring or opening yourself to finding out more about yourself and your purpose here, there is no one better than Rianne van Duinen!


Marie-Louise Linke (google review)

After my last visit to Rianne, I look back on a great coaching period. Open and with a search for answers, Rianne helped me in a period of my life when I no longer knew which path to take.
She is a sweet, open and honest person who wants to share her positive energy. She has given me a lot and helped me open my heart again.
The EFT exercises have taught me to trust, take off my mask and love myself. 
She guided me to transform my dark life experiences into a positive and powerful mindset and taught me to trust in my inner wisdom and strength.
With her exercises and tips I set out to grow into a more powerful person with great energy, living from my heart.
Thank you Rianne!
Jennifer Penners (google review)
The Spectrum program has given me more insight into who I am and why I find certain things difficult. It seems as if I have come into contact with who I really am. I dare to be myself more and masks are slowly disappearing. The most important thing I have experienced is that I can be who I am, that clears the way for much more growth and possibilities.
Rianne is a very nice person to whom you can say anything. A positive influence on the darkest experiences. She gives valuable tips and tools to transmute certain thoughts and feelings into a higher energy frequencies.
Today was my last appointment. I look back on a very valuable coaching period and I love that I can continue to use the tools and exercises I learned so that I can continue to develop and when the going gets tough I can fall back on the EFT techniques.
Thank you Rianne ❤
Pascalle Gulikers (google review)
Rianne, my lifesaver 🙏
After having been to Rianne’s several times in the past, I decided to have a Quantum response body scan because I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. 
Turned out I was on the brink of burnout. 
Rianne suggested that the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) might be something for me. I took her advice to join the Spectrum program and we started working together for five months. 
As usual, she lovingly and patiently guided me to where I am now. Powerful and energetic! My mindset reset and ready for the future together with the knowledge and tools I received from Rianne.
Cindy Schelenz (google review)
I am so glad that I made the decision to book an online session with Rianne. Not only did the Quantum Response Scan show me which parts and organs I have to take better care of in order to prevent diseases, but it also analyzed my blood, minerals and immune system – amazing! Thanks to her wide and holistic knowledge in alternative medicine and energy psychology, and the ability to connect her intuition with the test results and my Human Design, Rianne gave me specific advice for what to do next, what to implement in my nutrition plan and how to support my body in healing.
Her kind, loving and understanding character made me feel seen and reminded me that I cannot only focus on either my physical or my emotional body. To get rid of any inflammation within my body, I have to understand it as a system that longs for the alignment of my body, mind and spirit. Any disruption has an effect on the rest of the system and Rianne took time to get to the root problem, whether physical, emotional or psycho-somatic, and eliminate it. Her work is so precious, full of knowledge and wisdom – I am beyond grateful that she helped me find back my inner balance and all-over health.
Don’t miss out on this special experience, I can highly recommend it.

Elfy Jo (Facebook review)

I am currently in Australia and Rianne ran the Quantum Response Scan from The Netherlands. Still, I could feel it clearly. I even mentioned that I felt my third eye changing and Rianne told me “that’s because there is a laser beam directed at it to assist the QRS”. Wow! I did not know that!
When the QRS was running I felt myself getting more and more relaxed. My body also started to feel warmer which was a very pleasant experience. It was also fascinating to see my body in so much detail.
Rianne was very enthusiastic, I could tell that she loves working with this scan.
After the scan was completed I went offline a bit as Rianne went through all the information to look for patterns and underlying causes of my discomfort.
We met back up online and she explained me that my discomfort was being caused by unhealed emotional wounds between the age of 8 and 18.
She went on to give me advice on how to best assist the healing and even send me a Bach flower remedy frequency on the spot. It arrived instantly and my pain got very intense for a second and then it let go in a flood of warmth. That was a really amazing experience! 
I would definitely recommend the Quantum Response Scan with Rianne because she’s very professional and really loves to help people. It’s a huge benefit that she has such a wide range of knowledge. She has the ability to summarise a huge amount of scan data into simple and clear advice.
I felt understood and well taken care of, even on the other side of the world!


It’s amazing to look back at what we’ve accomplished in just 4 months of working together. Much more than I even thought was possible. I’m a completely different person and I feel great. I recommend everyone to work with you! Life can be so beautiful if you choose to work on it together.


Deciding to work with Rianne was a big victory for myself, a first step outside of my comfort zone. Just one more session and I have completed the Spectrum program. To whoever reads this, I can only say one thing: DO IT!!!! 

Super interesting and educational and Rianne is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with!! Learning about your Human design is really a journey of discovery into your true self. Who are you, why are you the way you are, where are your pitfalls and how can you protect yourself against them and most importantly, how can you bring out the best of yourself and really be you? 
Be your own unique self, because that is everything!! No one is more or less than anyone else and YOU matter too! I lost faith in that for a long time, but I’m back and I am going to kick some ass 💪
And thank you Rianne, for your enthusiasm and passion!!


Rianne is a knowledgeable, sweet woman who really listens to you and takes time for you.

She has helped me very well and I will certainly come back to her in the future if necessary.