What an amazing experience to see how the larva of this dragonfly climbs out of the water and then bursts from its skin and transforms into a beautiful dragonfly.
Makes sense that the spiritual meaning of the dragonfly is transformation and the gift to adapt to circumstances.
We are always evolving. We grow and change and experience many periods of minor and major transformation throughout our lives.
When we notice that the life we’ve created no longer fits the development we have gone through…
When we become conscious that our beliefs won’t get us where we really want to be…
When we feel trapped in a life that no longer feels like our own…
When our body ‘tells’ us that we no longer live in alignment with the path that our soul desires…
The most important thing you need in such a growth phase (and the entire planet is in a major growth phase right now!) is a deep understanding of the skills needed to navigate change in a powerful and deliberate way.
When I look back at my life, I can recognize many phases of growth.
In those phases I turned inward, reconnected with myself and my desires and ‘did the work’ to let go of the beliefs that no longer served me, to heal the traumas of the past and to focus on the life I wanted.
Sometimes alone, sometimes with the guidance of a coach / mentor. Someone who helped me to become aware more quickly of what was ready to be healed and guided me through the difficult moments.
Just like I do for my clients ❤
And just like looking at this dragonfly, with every coaching program that I guide my clients through, I feel an enormous gratitude to witness such a special transformation process.
PS: are you experiencing a growth process and need a little extra support or would you like to develop more resilience, please contact me to discover the possibilities.