Patience rewards itself

I bought this orchid 2 years ago and enjoyed its beautiful flowers for weeks…  and then there were only 3 leaves left that I regularly provided with fresh water.
I had patience, because I trusted on ‘what you water grows’.
And see now, after almost 2 years of patience, I am rewarded with a new beautiful flower.
As a Generator type in Human Design, I know that being patient can sometimes be very difficult and Ron as a Manifesting Generator finds it even more difficult than I do. 
The Human design strategy for (manifesting) Generator types is to respond.
To wait … to not initiate anything but wait for the right time and some sort of sign to respond to.
That requires trust. Trust that what is aligned for you will show up and that you will know when the time is right to respond.
Even though this goes against everything I’ve always been taught, and it doesn’t always feel right when you’re impatient like me, I can now say from experience that living your strategy does make your life a whole lot easier.
And…. strategy is only a small part of your Human design profile.
The more I live from and trust in my Human Design, the easier things go.
The more possibilities I see
The easier I make decisions
The better I get to know myself
The easier I communicate
Do you want to know what your Human Design looks like and get to know yourself better?
I am now a certified Quantum Human Design Practitioner TM and can explain your unique design in a personal session and give you lots of insight and coaching on how you can start to live from your design and make your life easier.
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