Every change you make in your life starts with a decision.
And making that decision can be the scariest part, because when you truly make the decision

it’s done
it’s final
it’s going to happen

You make a commitment to yourself.

You can do whatever you put your mind to, so it’s interesting to find out why making a decision is so hard in the first place.
Most of the time it’s because there’s something in it for your ego. Staying where you are, in your comfort zone, is safe and that’s where your ego prefers to keep you. But it goes much deeper than that. There are conscious and unconscious beliefs that you are holding on to and that your ego uses to sabotage you.

Every decision you make whether it’s quitting your job, starting a business, ending a relationship or getting into a relationship with someone, is a big step into the unknown and your ego can make up a thousand reasons of how it could go wrong, and it will NOT think of just as many reasons of how it could work out perfectly for you.

So how to make that first step, how to make the decision and then keep moving?
The first step is always the hardest, after that you build up momentum and you just keep on walking.

When you have a goal, and you look at it from a distance, it looks like a long road to get there, you see all the bumps in the road, the hills to cross, the ravine you might fall into, maybe there’s even a point where you don’t see any road and you think you might have to turn around and forget all about it and everything you’ve done was all for nothing.

But when you start walking and you get closer to the obstacles you saw from a distance, you’ll find that you can easily walk around the bumps in the road, that there is a railing along the ravine, that there are steps carved into the mountain and that there are people along the way to help you along the difficult parts. From up close you see the possibilities there are. Possibilities that aren’t visible until you are walking the road and getting closer to your goal.

So becoming aware of your limiting beliefs can be very helpful and getting clear on what it is you actually want is even more helpful. Having someone outside of your situation who can help you get clear on these things could really make a difference.

If you like a little guidance along the way towards your goal(s), message me for a discovery call to find out if my private mentoring program is the next step for you.