Healing the past

I ran into my mother the other day while I was out shopping for groceries in a shopping mall, not far from my home. That doesn’t sound like a big deal for most people, but I hadn’t seen my mother in 22 years (with a small exception when I went to see her 15 years ago to tell her and my little sister that my dad had died).
22 years of living in close proximity and yet we never ran into each other.

So, for me, standing in the cashier line and looking behind me just to see her standing there, was quite a surprise (or not, I’ll get to that later).
What surprised me most was that I felt really calm. I asked myself how I wanted to handle this situation. At that moment I felt I was not interested in recovering our relationship. I was OK with talking to her, but in a way she felt like a stranger.

She saw me too and decided to come over and talk to me, which I didn’t expect her to do, based on what I remember about her. She expressed her surprise running into me after all these years, especially since we only live 10 kilometers apart. So I asked her if she knew where I lived then and she told me that she did because she follows me on Facebook. Which was another surpise since I didn’t know she cared about my life.
She told me she was happy I was doing so great and that it was probably best to leave it with this for now. Which I agreed on and I went on to pay for my groceries.

So why did I ran into her after all this time?
Because for the past few months my focus has been on healing my inner child.
On healing the feeling of being rejected, of feeling unloved.
And as you probably know, what you focus on becomes your reality. What you water grows. And my focus had been on the past. I used NLP’s timeline technique to heal my own timeline and I used my gift of empathy to feel into my mothers life experiences and decisions and was able to forgive her.
But I kept wondering about how she feels now, after all of these years. If she ever thought about me. If she knew how well I was doing whether it was because of my life experiences or in spite of them.
And I got my answer right there in that grocery store.
She had been thinking about me and she was interested in how I was doing.

This is just one example of the law of attraction.
But what’s important to realise is that my focus has been on the past from a sense of curiosity, love and forgiveness. therefore attracting an experience that gave me answers and I look back at with positive emotions.

What emotions do you sent out when you think of the past?