Expand your comfort zone

Almost a year ago I decided that I wanted te learn how to play the piano. Of course, my ego system had a different opinion about that: \’You\’re way to old to start playing the piano, you should have learnt that at 8 years old when you first wanted to learn\’ \’What\’s the point of learning how to play the piano, you\’re not aspiring to be a concert pianist\’ \’What do you think it costs to get a piano and lessons\’ \’You probably don\’t have any talent to play the piano\’ \’Have you even got time to learn how to play, you should practice at least an hour every day\’ That abouts sums it up 😉 And of course I could have let my limiting beliefs take over and stop me from persuing my dream. That was kind of the point of my ego system. Please don\’t try anything new. Imagine you might like it 😜 Imagine you\’ve got a hidden talent that you haven\’t been using for almost 40 years Thankfully I\’ve learned how to \’ignore\’ my ego, how to choose beliefs that allow me to follow my heart and soul, to keep challenging myself because I know it helps me to become the next best version of myself and above all brings me lots of fun. And just like with your comfortzone, the more you expand, the more you learn, the easier it gets and the more fun you have. Playing the piano becomes more fun every day as the songs I learn get more complicated 🎶 It all starts with getting aware of your limiting beliefs and deciding you won\’t let them stop you from persuing your dreams. If you\’d like some help with that, I have opened up applications for two available spaces in my private mentoring program. This is a three month commitment and you will step outside of your comfort zone, but you know what… it\’s worth it! DM me for more information or to schedule a chemistry call.